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About Me

This is me

Davy van de Laar


strong focus on cloudnative and SDDC

My Story

I have been working in IT as long as I can remember and I can truly say that I have always loved it! The world around us is always moving, always changing and I do embrace that. It is one of those things that makes the IT world so attractive and so much fun.

I am a big fan of VMware and what is in their portfolio. I have been working with their products for quite a while now and I am still enjoying it. As of lately I developed a strong interest in cloudnative, combined with a lot of open source and automation.

This blog will show a mixture of the things that interest me and keep me busy. Expect VMware, open-source, cloudnative, Kubernetes and more. Hopefully my writings will show who I am and why I love my job so much. Feel free to engage anytime!

Since December 2022 I am a member of the ITQ Family as part of the Cloud Native team.

I am looking forward to the journey!

About this blog

Somewhere in March 2023 I decided that it was time for a new home to host my blog. After giving it a lot of thought I decided to host it on Github Pages with HUGO as framework. It’s fast, lightweight and very customizable. Also, a ton of work when you are about details like me!

Fun-Fact - LEGO

For most people that know me it is no surprise, but for those who dont’t. I am a huge fan of LEGO. When designing the new home for my blog I got inspired by LEGO and decided to use LEGO color-schemes. Most colors you will find on my blog are actual LEGO colors. Some examples:

  • text → dark-bluish-grey, well known for tiles in modular streets
  • background → glow-in-the-dark-opaque, the only color that is not in use anymore
  • article background → glow-in-dark-white, just because it matches good
  • highlight → dark-turquoise, very popular color and used in many sets

And so I can go on. For the LEGO enthusiasts under us, hope you like the style!

During the development of this blog I had to take some design decisions. First of all I found a theme and decided to stick with it. My choice is the bilberry-hugo-theme and I am very happy with it. Kudos for this project and the designers.

Another decision I made is to not implement a search box. The algiola search box that is included with the theme is just not entirely up to my liking. That being said, it is very easy to navigate the blog.

  • homepage has all articles in chronological order
  • in the topnavigation and in the footer find archive, wich shows all articles in list format
  • in the topnavigation and in the footer find categories, for quick searching
  • in the topnavigation find tags, to see all tags
  • all articles have categories and tags specified. Respectively in the article header and footer